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UK Forecourt Market Report 2009

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How many forecourt sites are there in the UK?

Forecourt store numbers up for first time in seven years. The market has reached its plateau of ca. of 8,000 – 9,000. We do not expect the market to decline any further due to the necessity for intense market penetration.

Who are the forecourt retailers?

Forecourt retailers and the number of stores they own are listed in the table below:

Market structure

In 2009, 3,538 were company owned and 5,475 were dealer network. Some independent retailers are considering the introduction of CODO (Company Owned Dealer Operated).

Supermarket groups continue to target the forecourt segment. Forecourt stores have grown in number by 2.3% in the latest year, with the number of standalone sites operated by the leading major multiple operators increasing by 7.7%. There are over 2,200 oil company multiple sites in operation such as Esso On The Run. Today, 94% of all forecourt sites are now classed as convenience stores such as Nisa, Premier, Spar and Mace.


In the past forecourts were there just for petrol, oil and distilled water but now they are trying to bring in more merchandise to make things easier for people on the move. Five future trends are listed below:

1. Continued sector investment

2. New ways to demonstrate value

3. Increasing penetration of food-to-go

4. Segment specific formats

5. The role of technology


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