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The Ten Predictions – Retail businesses

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Retail PredictionsThe 2012 predictions list below was sourced from the conference call slides.

1. Growth Strategy. “Consumers, not products or channels, create the basis for growth strategies.”

2. New Retail IT Model. “The Omni-Channel Consumer directs a new Retail IT model for the industry – O3.”

3. Innovative & Efficient. “Retailers will race to innovate and will operate more efficiently.”

4. Synchronicity. “Retailers will synchronize the supply chain with the clock speed of their customers.”

5. Brand Experience. “Retailers will create great brand experience by enabling engaged employee experience.”

6. Customer Engagement. “Planning paradigms will begin to evolve to support genuine customer brand engagement strategies.”

7. Assortment Planning. “Continuous assortment  planning (AP) orchestrated for space becomes the planning hub.”

8. Store Evolution. “The store evolves – welcome to the Omnichannel Store.”

9. Social Conversations. “Customer experience improvements that boost online conversion will go beyond the web store.”

10. Delivery Models. “eCommerce delivery models will fragment.”


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