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Pubs go Automatic!

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Automatic PubsAn interesting innovation recently piloted in London is a move towards an automatic pub. Robot Pub Group now offer a table where users can serve themselves from a tap and monitor their bar tab as night progresses. Customers can also order food and make juke box selections without leaving the table. What are the advantages to the publican? Increased sales and reduced staffing. As staffing represents a major cost in all hospitality operations the ability of a single member of staff to handle multiple covers and no queue at the bar both saves money and improves the customer’s experience.

Will we see this as a new trend? It’s difficult to say but in some countries the financial saving from low staffing have seen self service unmanned petrol service stations become popular and perhaps with ever tighter margins the pub trade will be no different.


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One thought on “Pubs go Automatic!

  1. This sounds horrible to me! I go out for a drink for social interaction! I want to chat to the bar staff and the waitress/glass collector who lives round the corner from me, ask how they are, how their kids are, etc. Is this what Londoners want?!

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