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Wincor Nixdorf Enters MobileWallet Space

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Service Station Suite provides platform for combining mobile payment and loyalty solution.

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Wincor Nixdorf Inc., a leading provider of IT solutions and services to retailers and retail banks, is rolling out the Wincor Wallet for mobile cashless payments in all retail sales channels, including gas stations. It turns the smart-phone into a wallet. The Wincor Wallet is integrated into the TP Application Suite, the software platform for retail companies, and in the Service Station Suite (NAMOS) for fuel station companies.

Whether in stationary retail, web shops or mobile stores, the Wincor Wallet can be accessed for mobile payment by all standard smart-phones through the use of QR codes or near-field communication (NFC) technology.

The Wincor Nixdorf’s Payment Gateway server operating in the background enables the solution. In addition to processing traditional, card-based payments, this also allows modern Wallet transactions to be processed in an IT environment certified by the Payment Card Industry (PCI), which ensures the security of the cashless transactions.

The Wincor Wallet provides a platform for combining different mobile payment and loyalty solutions such as mobile use of debit or credit cards, mobile coupons or redeeming mobile vouchers at the checkout via smart-phone, the company said.

“Retailers and service station companies thus have a platform that they can adapt individually to offer their customers optimum payment convenience and set themselves apart from the competition,” said Jurgen Manske, senior solution manager of retail at Wincor Nixdorf.

Austin, Texas-based Wincor Nixdorf USA will introduce this checkout-independent payment solution at the upcoming National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention & Expo in New York City from Jan. 13-16, 2013.


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