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Park Garage Group Implements CounterBooks

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Press Release

CounterBooks, a leading retail accounting management suite for forecourt, convenience, hospitality retail businesses, today announced that it is implementing CounterBooks across Park Garage Group’s (PGG) petrol station commission-operator network.

The commission-operators within the network will use the CounterBooks’ online general ledger accounting system to control their businesses.  The easy to use accounting system is hosted securely online and with petrol retail specific reports it quickly helps the commission-operator understand how their station is performing against plan. The commission-operator will also benefit from lower costs, save time and improve the accuracy of the data by integrating with the other forecourt systems.

The management team at Park Garage Group will use the CounterBooks’ online management information system which provides total transparency and control across their network. Whether it is an individual station, region or network, there are real time reports which allow the user to drill down to the underlying data, standardised reports, consolidated reports and full data analysis functionality to allow total financial control.

CounterBooks will provide accurate, comparative and real time information which allows informed decisions to be made by the management of Park Garage Group. This will allow Park Garage Group to drive performance and manage risk whilst continuing to innovate as a leading independent fuel and convenience store retailer.

Park Garage Group joins other petrol convenience store retailers such as Shell, BP and Esso all of which are satisfied users of CounterBooks.

Sunil Tandon, Managing Director, Park Garage Group said ‘Through our commission operators using CounterBooks, we are already seeing the tangible benefits. We have full transparency of the network at anytime from anywhere. This allows us to support our  operators while having control over business critical issues.”

Miles Harvey, Operations Director, Park Garage Group said ‘Over the past 6 months we have worked closely with the CounterBooks team who have been very supportive and helpful in implementing the changes.’

John Roberts, Managing Director, CounterBooks commented, ‘We were delighted when an excellent independent operator like Park Garage Group selected CounterBooks last year and have enjoyed working with Miles and his team on the implementation’.

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About CounterBooks

CounterBooks was developed in 2001 – 2 and launched on 1st January 2003 as the world’s first on-line full ledger accounting system designed specifically for retailers. CounterBooks was originally developed as a Pro-Retail MS DOS system by a frustrated computer-programmer-turned-retailer who struggled with traditional accounting systems which were not developed for retail businesses. His aim was to provide an easy to use system suitable for a retailer with no accountancy experience while still providing full easily understandable data reporting.

For further information about CounterBooks, including case studies, images or interviews, please contact, Laura Shafer – Marketing Assistant:-

Telephone: +44 207 099 1050




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CounterBooks is an online retail accounting management suite which is used by retailers across the world.

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