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We’ve been looking through some recent information from The Institute of Grocery Distribution, (IGD) focussing on the convenience sector.

c-store promotionsThere is some very interesting data, some of which might appear obvious but which we probably need to be reminded about every now and then:
– Older shoppers value customer service more than younger ones. They are a large and increasing part of the the population.
– Promotions are popular with shoppers ….. BUT they need to be simple and easy for shoppers to understand. Some of the large supermarkets have alienated customers with promotions that are worse deals than the normal price.
– Promotions again. Shoppers increasingly set out on their shopping mission with the intention of buying promoted items. This means i) that you need to communicate about your promotions into the homes of customers and ii) you need to have promoted items in stock when shoppers come looking for them.
– Many non-affiliated independents (non-multiples and non-symbol members) have been able to deliver strong sales growth by responding to shoppers’ needs and positioning their stores at the heart of the communities in which they operate.

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Thanks to the Retail Data Partnership for this great post:

Retail Data Partnership


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