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Cards or Cash? Which do you prefer?

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cards or cash

Following on from our article regarding the decline of paper money , it has come to light that 60% of consumers have said they would use smaller businesses more often if they accepted card payments. Taxis, pubs and market stalls are generally losing out on business due to the lack of flexibility in payment options. 78% of consumers are only carrying around £20 – £30 on them and tend to go to larger retail businesses where flexible payment options are available.

iZettle have tried to rectify this by creating a card reader that can be attached to phones or tablets. To find out more on iZettle why not take a look at our article iZettle and the modernisation of money.

Do you accept card payments in your retail business? If not, do you think footfall would increase if your customers were given more flexible payment options?


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One thought on “Cards or Cash? Which do you prefer?

  1. I prefer cash when possible. It sticks you to a budget and doesn’t leave you with that inevitable hole in your pocket when you get a credit card bill. Credit Cards are too convenient…for banks to rake in countless millions from consumers. Americans have plain and simply just gotten lazy and are waiting for someone else to pick up the tab. No credit cards, no worries on debt problems.

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