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More soft drinks on the menu at on-trade pubs

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soft drinks in pubs

I recently read an interesting article from which looks at the importance of soft drinks to the on-trade pub industry. Here’s a brief summary of the article but to read the whole thing take a look here

Soft drinks made up 64% of total sales in 2011. It’s therefore essential that pubs cater to customer demand.

So why have soft drinks become so popular? The reason for this is the change in consumer behaviour. Increasingly more people are going to pubs for food meaning that more families as well as females are tending to buy soft drinks to accompany their meal. In particular, the rise in casual dining – going for a meal with friends in the week – is fuelling this change with people opting for a soft drink/fruit juice rather than an alcoholic beverage mid week.

With the coffee market now worth £5.4bn there is plenty of opportunity for pubs to capitalise on coffee’s rising popularity catering for those who pop in for a quick coffee whilst shopping or an after dinner beverage.

How do you cater for your customers drinks requirements? Do you have a range of hot and cold soft drinks and do you make recommendations for customers?


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One thought on “More soft drinks on the menu at on-trade pubs

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