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Will the c-store industry be part of the winning business model for the electric vehicle charging station?

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

According to the research company IMS Research, the number of electric vehicle charging stations may reach 4.8 million worldwide by 2015. The global number of EV charging stations now stands at 75,000 according to their research. The US Department of Energy says the number of EV charging stations in the US as of this blog entry is 5,894 (a 16% increase over six months ago).

The IMS research discusses the different possible business models for the EV charging stations:

  1. Monthly subscriptions that drivers pay to have access to a network of EV charging stations
  2. Free charges for consumers who purchase other goods or services provided at the station location
  3. Pay-per-use like the current fuel fill-up model at c-stores


For the third business model, the IMS research found that consumers would require a quick charge. Consumers reported they were willing to pay $15-17 for a 30 minute quick charge.

From a fuel management perspective, longer term strategy thinking for the fuels analyst needs to include whether or not to offer EV charging stations. Retailers outside the c-store space are already offering charging stations and have announced plans to expand. Will you be part of this emerging business? Can you afford not to be?

Thanks to Price Advantage for this great article:


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