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What does 2014 hold for the hospitality industry?

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Hospitality Trends

In 2014 consumers will start to find themselves with more disposable income so what are going to be the big trends this year?

Fast casual and casual dining options are set to be popular as more consumers are opting for value for money as well as flexible dining options. With meals costing between £5 – £20 per head this option is proving very popular with the majority of consumers.  

Whilst 2013 saw a massive increase in the popularity of burgers, in 2014 we are increasingly going to see chicken on the menu. The drop in price of poultry will make it a particularly attractive option for restaurateurs, whilst prices for beef and cheddar will remain high.

Pubs may be finding it difficult at the beginning of 2014 with consumers cutting back in January. Despite this we will continue to see pubs benefitting from the craft beer trend – the sector grew by 79% in 2013 and there are high hopes for the sector this year.

We will also see a continued demand for high quality coffee and consumers will be looking to pair coffee with a meal instead of alcohol. See our article on why pubs should be placing greater emphasis on soft drinks as well as coffee.

In a world where consumers are constantly on the move, technology will also be playing an important role in the hospitality industry this year. Pre-ordering apps and mobile phone payments are set to be popular this year.

To see the full article on what we can expect in 2014 for the hospitality see:


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